Keeping Your Beauty Business Alive During Covid-19!

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Your salon or clinic may be closed but it doesn’t mean you can put your loyal clients on pause over the coming weeks. If you do, you’ll pay the price when you reopen.

Maintaining regular, consistent contact with your existing beauty and hair clients is key to ensuring they return to your business, and not your competitors when you reopen.

Everyone is online more than usual. We have more time on our hands and are looking to be entertained, engaged and educated.

If your clients’ feed is brimming with regular engaging social posts from your local hair and beauty competitors, but nothing from you, you know deep down what will happen.

Before you know it, your clients will be visiting your competitors’ website, reading their advice blogs, and signing up for their e-newsletter.

Remember our goal is to keep your business and brand front of mind, so when clients decide it’s the right time to book in for that overdue colour or treatment they immediately think of YOU.

Think about what you say and how you say it.

Think carefully about what you say to clients during the coronavirus crisis. What might have felt like a good message yesterday may not be the right thing today.

How you say it is important too. Being positive is vital but think about your tone of voice, as well as the message itself.

Of course, the dramatic drop in your revenue is alarming. But focus on building connection and trust in your client communications, not selling all the time. There will be plenty of time to sell when we’re coming out of this emergency and you’re getting ready to reopen.

When a business bounces back quickly from a crisis you can bet it wasn’t pure luck. Rather it was prepared and ready


Let’s look what practical steps can you take to improve your marketing communication tools and ensure it’s your business that clients flock back to. Not your competitors.

5 ways to  jump ahead of your competition post-coronavirus:

  1. Ignite your salon social media
  2. Gather online reviews
  3. Get found online (fast)
  4. Pump up the volume with your local marketing
  5. Upgrade your salon marketing materials

BUT.... Email marketing truly be the hero of your business. If you’re not using it you’re missing out on a powerful, practically free salon communication tool.

Unlike social media you are in the driving seat with email salon marketing. A well-built and written e-news campaign will reach around 98%+ of your database, while Facebook posts only reach 4-10% of your Page Likes.

It’s the ideal way to keep talking to your clients during your shutdown. But don’t stop once you’re back up and running. It’s one of the most valuable marketing tools you have.

Business life may have temporarily ground to halt but as business owners if we’re not actively moving ahead, we’re falling behind.

If you want to be better at marketing your salon business there’s always something new to learn. Don’t forget to invest in yourself through all forms of education and learning while you've got plenty of time available to you.

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