12 Questions to Find Clarity in Your Business

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We challenge you to JOURNAL THIS to help get yourself back into alignment with whatever you are struggling with at the moment in your life/business.This is a great exercise to do when you're feeling overwhelmed.

When we feel clarity, we experience more :

- Energy
- Confidence
 - happiness
 - Gratitude
  - Success

Sounds amazing right? Plus, if we're being honest here…What better way to start next week than to have a CLEAR mind and strong purpose?

12 Questions to Help You Find Clarity in Your Business

1. What would make me happy right now?

Don’t worry about tomorrow, next week, month, or next year. Take some time to identify some simple things that will bring you happiness right now.

Creating more joy and happiness around you will help to clear your head and give you the ability to see things through different eyes.

2. What’s draining my energy?

Last month, I had a light bulb moment when I realized that organizing my to-do list and keeping up on the tasks was draining me. Just looking at the list of things I needed to do was killing my momentum. So, I implemented a few new things: I decided to manage tasks on day-to-day on 'Google Keep' like a project manager and now I only focus on getting one thing done each day. I actually get more done by focusing my attention on completing one task at a time. I don’t allow myself to multi-task endlessly.

3. What do I want to learn more about?

Sometimes, when we focus more on consuming rather than creating, we spark creativity inside of us. Take a break and consider some things you want to learn and focus on consuming that content to inspire you, rather than trying to force the new ideas. Is there a class that you could sign up for in the next couple months? Start researching.

4. Who are 3 people I admire? Why?

Spend some time identifying business owners that you admire and why. This will give you more clarity on what traits and skills you want to grow within yourself.

5. How can I be more like those I admire?

List a few ideas and ways you can be more like the people you admire. For example, if you admire someone who is confident and does Instagram LIVE videos to promote their business, maybe this is something you should pursue that would bring you satisfaction and joy in your business.

6. How am I already demonstrating traits I admire?

It’s important to realize that people we admire are really just mirrors. We see in other people what we already have within ourselves. Take some time to recognize how you are already like the people you admire.

7. How do I define success?

The definition of success is a personal one for each and every one of us. One person’s definition of success may not be anything like yours. So, if you haven’t defined what your success looks like, then how will you know when you have found it?

8. What does self-care look like for me?

Self-care is something I practice each and every week. It helps me clear my mind and focus on the days when I am working. Ania and I both love yoga classes and reading.

9. What accomplishments am I proud of from last month?

Celebrate your big and small wins every time. You are your own cheerleader. Or take it to the next level and find a friend or community you can share your wins with.

10. What is a short term goal I am certain I can achieve?

Making goals that are achievable, small, and short term are a sure-fire way to feel good. Keep up the good feeling momentum by creating and celebrating every accomplishment, big and small.

11. What does my ideal day look like? (ie. where are you? who are you with, and what are you doing?

Map out what your ideal day-to-day looks like. For me, I desire to wake up every day with yoga before moving on to a profitable day in my studio salon business. The rest of the time would be for myself, family, and friends.

Knowing what your ideal day is will help you make better choices about new projects and ideas that you attempt to tackle.

12. What can I de-clutter physically or emotionally to find more ease and simplicity?

I find that when I clear my desk/station etc. I also clear my mind. Anything you can do to clear up and clean up the clutter around you will surely help you clear your mind too.


Deep thinking and journaling is a great way to find direction in your lift and business. We encourage you to continuously write down your goals, dream, aspirations and gratitude to keep pushing yourself to the next level in your business.


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