Service Pricing for a New Reality

covid-19 pricing Apr 30, 2020

These have certainly been interesting times for the beauty industry since COVID-19 turned our world upside down.

Now that a few provinces are talking of allowing salons/spa to reopen, the next challenge is implementing the new sanitizing and social distancing guidelines such as:

  • Screening and how to allow clients to enter the salon/spa.
  • Occupancy based on square footage.
  • Clean and sanitized capes and gowns for clients.
  • Face masks and face shields for service providers.
  • Single-use rubber gloves … and lots of them.
  • Face masks for clients … and supplying face masks (free or for a fee) if clients don’t have one.
  • Shampooing and protecting the face.
  • Blow drying restrictions.
  • Sanitized tools, combs, brushes, etc.
  • Sanitizing work spaces before and after each client.
  • The list goes on, and on, and on.


Next comes operating logistics that include:

  • Station separation.
  • Client appointment scheduling.
  • Scheduling of service providers.
  • Extending service time...
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Keeping Your Beauty Business Alive During Covid-19!

Your salon or clinic may be closed but it doesn’t mean you can put your loyal clients on pause over the coming weeks. If you do, you’ll pay the price when you reopen.

Maintaining regular, consistent contact with your existing beauty and hair clients is key to ensuring they return to your business, and not your competitors when you reopen.

Everyone is online more than usual. We have more time on our hands and are looking to be entertained, engaged and educated.

If your clients’ feed is brimming with regular engaging social posts from your local hair and beauty competitors, but nothing from you, you know deep down what will happen.

Before you know it, your clients will be visiting your competitors’ website, reading their advice blogs, and signing up for their e-newsletter.

Remember our goal is to keep your business and brand front of mind, so when clients decide it’s the right time to book in for that overdue colour or treatment...

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12 Questions to Find Clarity in Your Business

business clarity journaling Oct 16, 2019

We challenge you to JOURNAL THIS to help get yourself back into alignment with whatever you are struggling with at the moment in your life/business.This is a great exercise to do when you're feeling overwhelmed.

When we feel clarity, we experience more :

- Energy
- Confidence
 - happiness
 - Gratitude
  - Success

Sounds amazing right? Plus, if we're being honest here…What better way to start next week than to have a CLEAR mind and strong purpose?

12 Questions to Help You Find Clarity in Your Business

1. What would make me happy right now?

Don’t worry about tomorrow, next week, month, or next year. Take some time to identify some simple things that will bring you happiness right now.

Creating more joy and happiness around you will help to clear your head and give you the ability to see things through different eyes.

2. What’s draining my energy?

Last month, I had a light bulb moment when I realized that organizing my to-do list and keeping up on the...

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Dreaming of Opening Your Own Salon?

business May 20, 2019

The perfect time to set up your salon or spa

Are you hiding behind the “now is not the right time to start a new salon business” excuse?

There is no perfect time. Perfection isn’t possible. So don’t hang around waiting for the time to be right.

Is the real truth that you are frightened of failure, hard-work or the perceived risk?

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Setting up a new hair or beauty business, and becoming your own boss, takes guts, hard graft and commitment. It’s not for everyone.

Setting up a new hair and beauty business means long hours

Is a touch of laziness and liking a ‘quiet life’ the real sticking point?

 A good test of whether you have the staying power and commitment is if you can come home after your full-time job and work on your business plan rather than watch Netflix.

Setting up and running a hair or beauty business is demanding. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. But the benefits of freedom, building...

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Your Complete Guide To Instagram Photography

instagram social media May 15, 2019

1. Preparing Instagram-Friendly Looks

You are used to looking at your client’s hair through the mirror to check your work, right? Look through the lens to see how the hair photographs because it’s different than in-person, and follow these easy-to-use guidelines to slay every post:

  • Always keep a can of hairspray on-hand while shooting to tame flyaways that will pop in the photo.
  • Check for any holes and imperfections in your styles, especially with curls and waves. We recommend raking your fingers through the hair to perfectly place the strands before shooting.
  • Have a client with dimensional balayage? Try a simple braid or a few different quick styles to highlight the color and get a variety of shots. You could easily turn one appointment into 4 to 5 potential posts. Knots, buns and experimenting with pinning braided styles are great ways to transition your style into multiple looks.


This shot won Shmeggs #ONESHOT Student Shot of the Year!



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The Secret To Growing Your Instagram Following

instagram social media Dec 16, 2018

Are you ready for it?

The secret to growing on Instagram is to stop growing.

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, “Ummm, what?” But give me a couple seconds and we will get on the same page!

We tend to think if we can just get more followers we will have more customers. But my question is: Are you converting your current followers into customers?

Regardless of how many followers we have—10, 100, 100,000—people are asking the same question. The answer isn’t more followers. It’s to double down on your current audience and serve them well.


What I mean by that is: You need to deeply understand why your current followers are following you.

If you say, “They’re following me because they want to live their best life,” and you flounder when I ask what their version of their best life is, you don’t know them.

When you say they’re following you because they want to have better hair...

  • It’s about...
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